California Is On The Cutting Edge Of Green With High Performance Westminster Window Replacement

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The city of Westminster California has a rich history that involves the Presbyterian faith. The city gets it s name from the Westminster Assembly of 1643 which is responsible for creating the basics that have become the Presbyterian faith. The city was founded in 1870, and then it was incorporated in 1957. When it was first incorporated the city of Westminster had just under 11,000 residents. It was 35 to 40 minutes ride from Los Angeles. Today over 90,000 people are calling the wonderful city of Westminster home.

Westminster is a fairly small city. It sits on approximately ten square miles of land, and there are around 9000 people packed into each square mile.

Westminster California Is On The Cutting Edge Of Green With High Performance Replacement WindowsWestminster has seen many changes in the years that it has been occupied by people. It was first a booming agricultural town, and then it became a large dairy farming community. It changed back to an agricultural town in the 1940s. Today the city of Westminster is much different.

Today the city of Westminster is proud to be part of the green revolution. The 4th annual green expo will take place on August 16th 2012. This expo will help educate everyone in the city about the importance of a green sustainable lifestyle. Several power companies will be on hand to help teach people how to reduce their energy consumption.

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