Replacement Windows Are Helping Make Lakewood California A Greener City

Lakewood City Hall | Wikimedia CommonsAt one point in time, the city of Lakewood California was nothing but Lima Bean fields. Within ten short years, the town was quickly transformed into a very well developed city. This quick transformation has led to the nickname of “An Instant City.”

The city of Lakewood sits between some other popular cities in Southern California. It is surrounded by Long Beach to the South and West. Cerritos, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens border the rest of the city.

There are currently right around 80,000 people that call the city of Lakewood home, and they are packed into 9 square miles of land. This puts around 85000 people per square mile.

Replacement Windows Are Helping Make Lakewood California A Greener CityEveryone enjoys the mild weather in the city of Lakewood. Like much of Southern California and Los Angeles, the temperatures never get too hot during the Summer, and they never get too cold during the Winter. This mild climate has made the city of Lakewood a very popular place, and the population continues to grow. This population growth puts a strain on the cities resources, and everyone needs to start thinking about how they can make things a little Greener .

The city offers several green solutions to help its citizens live a greener life. They participate in solar programs, recycling programs, and eco-gardening programs.

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