Vinyl French Doors vs Fiberglass French Doors

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I am talking to people everyday about French Doors and how we can help them.  The big decision is to decide if you want a vinyl French door from a company like Anlin Windows that specializes in vinyl windows and doors or to get one from a front door company like Plastpro that makes fiberglass French doors.  Both make dual pane doors that when finished look similar, but both offer certain advantages.

1. Vinyl French Doors – Pros: Full Lifetime warranty including labor and materials, 3 point hardware built-in, adjustable hinges for a perfect fit, Vinyl is maintenance free with no flaking, chipping, or color changes for life.   Cons: Only available in white or almond, priced from $2000 to $4000 total, which can be higher than fiberglass doors

2. Fiberglass French Doors- Pros: Can paint door any color you want, multiple hardware options, cheaper base price.  Cons: Limited, usually 1 year or less warranty on parts, standard locks, must maintain by painting every few years.  Door might cost $800 to $2000, plus $300 to $500 to paint, plus $100 to $300 for hardware, plus $400 to $600 to install, so total costs are usually lower than vinyl french doors upfront, but cost in the long term.

We install either type of door, but favor the vinyl doors as we are vinyl specialists and believe in the quality of the vinyl French doors, especially from our superior vendors.

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