Is French door installation the right choice for your home?

French doors will add natural light and a sense of openness, structure, and beauty to your home.

Though often thought of as a double door, a French door is simply a door that contains glass for its full length.  Originally used for access to balconies, the doors have evolved greatly since their conception and are now often added to homes to bring in more light, improve aesthetics, and increase home value.

But the origin of the French door stems beyond style.  The windows in the door allow more light to enter a room which was crucial in 17th century France before the discovery of electricity, as it allowed people to have light in their homes for more hours during the day.  By the end of the 17th century French doors were starting to appear in England as well.

The original French doors were made of wrought iron and wood.  Today, you have more options. Wood is most expensive and attractive but at highest risk of moisture and damage like warping.  Aluminum is practical but noisy and prone to dents, corrosion, and fading. Vinyl can be brittle but requires less maintenance, stands well against rain and humidity, and excels at energy efficiency.

French doors are a great choice for any home because they add character, style and value.  And French doors do not require heavy maintenance and cleaning.  Just be sure that you get your French doors ordered and installed from a trusted company with a good supplier because many issues can arise from inferior products and poor installation including sagging doors, misaligned locks, and sticky doors, among others others.

Benefits of French Door Installation in Your Home
  • Lower Utility Bills:  Having French doors in your home usually leads to a reduction in your heating and cooling bills by maximizing air retention.
  • Greater Access:  French door installation adds double-doors in your home to wherever they’re are installed.  This makes it easier to move large items in or out of your home and is perfect when entertaining.
  • Aesthetics:  French doors are beautiful.  They will quickly become the focal point in your home.  In addition, the many style options to choose from when selecting French doors allow you to easily choose the design that matches your unique style.
  • Added durability:  French doors come in various materials.  If you choose a durable material like vinyl for your French doors, they are often even hurricane-proof.
  • Increase Property Value:  Replacing your regular doors with French doors will usually increase the value of your home.
  • French doors can function as windows, too:  If you are looking to add more light into your home, installing French doors is usually more cost effective than adding additional windows.

Are you ready to start your home’s French door installation?  Do you have more questions about French doors or any other window or door style?  Metropolitan’s got you covered. Give us a call (800) 995-8878.

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