Types of Glass

Metropolitan offers many styles and types of glass (see most common below).  Call today if you need custom work including over 100 types of obscure or stained glass.

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  • Woodland Hills Sliding Glass Window Rain Glass
  • West Covina Window Glass Replacement Glue Chip Glass
  • Santa Ana Glass Replacement Flemish Glass
  • San Diego Window Glass Replacement Delta Frost Glass
  • San Bernardino Sliding Glass Window Obscure Glass

The Clearest Glass Under the Sun

High Performance LowE3 provides unhindered views, year-round comfort, and keeps money in your pocket. In addition, many utility companies are now offering rebates for energy efficient window products and types of glass.  Ask the experts at Metropolitan about High Performance LowE3 glass – clearly the best choice.

State-of-the-Art Process

Using state-of-the-art sputter coating process the glass is first coated with microscopically thin, optically transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. A protective coating is applied to ensure durability and scratch-resistance for long life. These invisible coatings provide the best clarity and performance of all low and mid-infrared emissivity types of glass products.

Warm Edge Technology (“Swiggle Seal”)

A critical function of the spacer is to control airspace dimensions following seasonal changes in temperature and pressure. Other warm edge systems fall short of Swiggle Seal in thermal performance and compromise the moisture barrier which shortens the path for moisture and the life of your window.

  • Window Installation San Bernardino SWIGGLE SEAL
  • Orange County Vinyl Window U-CHANNEL METAL SPACER
  • Anaheim Window Glass Replacement SILICONE FOAM SPACER
  • Cerritos Windows Installation DUAL SEAL ALUMINUM SPACER

Nothing is more effective at keeping moisture out of an insulating glass unit than a solid metal barrier. Swiggle® Seal has a continuous metal shim that bends at corners eliminating conventional corner key problems.

Argon Gas Retention with Swiggle® Seal Technology

Moreno Valley Glass Replacement: Swiggle® Seal’s continuous metal barrier and thick cross section of sealant reduce the rate of argon gas loss. Swiggle® Seal is the only single seal Warm Edge insulating glass sealant system to pass the recognized industry standard test to measure argon gas retention (DIN 1286 part 2)

Visible Benefits of Invisible Coatings

Garden Windows Orange County: The patented coating blocks 84% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and delivers a 63% performance improvement in winter nighttime insulation (R-value) compared to non-coated air-filled insulated glass.  However, it is virtually invisible to the eye – just like looking through clear glass.  In fact, High Performance LowE3 is the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy – no haze or bluish cast to mar your view like some lower-performing products.  High Performance LowE3 glass even outperforms the tinted types of glass often used in warm, sunny climates, offering more natural light with no heavy bronze or smoke-colored tints to darken the room or personality of your home.  The benefits are year-round – they will protect from damaging UV rays during the summer and reflect heat back into your home during winter months.

Check out the Glass Performance Data Sheet for detailed specifications about our glass options.

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