South Gate Is Battling The Summer Heat With High Performance Replacement Windows

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The city of South Gate is known as the “Azalea City” because the Azalea became the state flower in 1965. South Gate was incorporated in 1923, and it is just over 7 square miles. The population of South Gate is almost 100,000 people. That means that there are around 13,000 people per square mile.

Some interesting things to note about the city of South Gate. It has one of the highest sales tax rates of any city in California. At the time of this writing, the sales tax rate was 10.75%. Economically speaking, the city of South Gate is not a good place to try to find work. The unemployment rate is a steady 14-15%, and there are no planned job opportunities, but that doesn’t seem to stop the 20,000 families from enjoying everything that South Gate has to offer them.

South Gate Is Battling The Summer Heat With High Performance Replacement WindowsSouth Gate has a mild dry climate. It is not unusual for the temperature to exceed 100 degrees in the Summer. It can be really difficult to escape this kind of heat. For some people, it can be dangerous. It may be a good idea to stay indoors on those hot Summer days. Residents are using their air conditioners to keep things cool. Southern California Edison, the company that handles the electricity for the city knows that Summer time means a huge increase in the amount of energy that the residents of South Gate are going to use. Their website lists several different ways for residents to keep their energy consumption at a minimum.

Metropolitan High Performance Windows has been helping all of the residents of Southern California keep energy costs down.

  • South Gate Replacement Windows – Many people don’t realize how inefficient their current windows are. They are responsible for 30% of your annual energy costs. In the Summer, they are responsible for even more. Older windows are responsible for 70% of the heat that enters your home. Our new high performance replacement windows will keep the heat outside where it belongs.
  • South Gate Vinyl Windows – Our vinyl windows just make more sense. They are extremely energy efficient, and they are more affordable. Plus, vinyl windows give you more choices. What would you rather have? One window choice, or several? Our vinyl windows give you more color and design choices to choose from.
  • South Gate Window Installation – Window installation should not be taken lightly. It will require precise measurements, and a lot of experience to ensure that your windows are installed correctly. At Metropolitan High Performance Windows, all of our window installers are both certified, and experienced. You can rest assured that your new replacement windows will be installed by an expert.

Stop battling high electric bills. Find out how affordable our replacement windows are today by taking advantage of our 100% free no obligation in home estimate. Your new windows will pay for themselves in no time at all. Call us today at: 1-800-995-8878.

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