About Riverside County, CA

Situated in the state of California, Riverside is one of the most populous counties in the United States. Some of the best employers in the county are University of California, Riverside Unified School District, Kaiser Permanente, Alvord Unified School District, Riverside Community College, Fleetwood Motorhome Svc, Riverside Community Hospital, Parkview Community Hospital, and Riverside Medical Clinic.

The county seat and most populous city in the county is Riverside. Included in the Inland Empire metropolitan area and Greater Los Angeles, Riverside, CA is located about 97 km east of Los Angeles.

The city is very near to Hollywood; so many film makers choose this city for their films. Such unique features of the city make the employment opportunities here diverse and distinct. Job seekers may find healthcare employment opportunities in the city much better than other places in the state. Some people enjoy the climate of Riverside so much that they plan their retirement life here. Riverside job opportunities are generally open to all and are a great career to go ahead with.

Riverside is a city in the attractive Riverside County of California. If you are a visitor there, you might be spoiled for choices in places to visit. Well, here is a short guide to help end your confusion and giving a list of three beautiful and interesting places to visit in Riverside when you are there.

Popular Places To Visit in Riverside County

March Field Air Museum

You will find students from Riverside City College hanging out at this place as they love the planes. If this is your first time at Riverside, don’t miss the Museum. It has a lot of engaging history and is a very family-friendly place. Take your kids there, they would be thrilled by the atmosphere of adventure. If you are eager to see aircraft antiques this place is a must visit. The ten-dollar entrance fee is quite small considering the three or four large exhibition galleries that await you. You can see stories and aircraft from the last two wars. The main hall proudly displays the SR71, the fastest aircraft ever built and flown by man. Outside, you can walk up to each display and enjoy the 76 old aircraft and a few helicopters up close and personal.

Mount Rubidoux Park

Most people who have been here once, have been here many times. That is the charm of this place. This is a family friendly place that you can visit with kids and pets any day of the week. Walk up the smooth tarmac surface, an excellent walk, and a great view of the distant mountains and downtown Riverside awaits you here. So if you are a nature enthusiast, make sure you don’t miss this place when you are in Riverside. Once you are at the top, apart from the splendid view, be prepared to spot a few cool species of birds. A great place to enjoy a hike and get all toned up.

California Citrus State Historic Park

The grounds are very well kept. You will find lots of parents and kids enjoying a picnic here any day of the week. You can also avail of the banquet facilities. If you thought that lemon, grapefruit and orange were the only citrus fruits in the world, you are in for a pleasant shock. Be prepared to learn about all the varieties of citrus fruits and flaunt your newly acquired knowledge in front of friends. Speaking of friends, if you want to take back souvenirs, make sure to check out the gift shop here. The park itself is plenty of space, excellent maintenance and absolutely clean. This is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy a day.

Employment Opportunities 

A Riverside job may be available in any industry from transportation, real estate, construction, information technology, marketing, insurance, banking, finance, sales, retail, entertainment, intellectual property, textile, food and beverages or any other industry. Salary packages may depend on the organization, educational qualifications, experience or expertise in the field, and last salary drawn. Actually employers offer very broad range of salaries which range from $30000 to $ 200000+ p.a. depending on the individual and the specific riverside job opportunity.

Employment opportunities may be available for candidates having a high school diploma at least. For other jobs a bachelor’s degree or higher education might be required. A doctorate qualification may be required for research positions. For positions at junior level, employers generally seek candidates with 1-2 years of experience. Candidates at 3-5 years of experience may be placed at intermediate level in the organization. A Riverside job at senior-level typically requires 5+ years of experience in the relevant area.

So, are you looking for exciting activities in Riverside County? Our list of the top places to visit and fun things to do hopefully serves as guide to your next visit in the county.

Learn More About Riverside

Learn More About Riverside