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About Riverside

Riverside, CA is located in Southern California, right outside of Los Angeles. The city is known for its location next to the Santa Ana River, which is where its name originated from. Since it is home to multiple museums, Riverside explodes with history and culture. The Mission Inn Museum, the Riverside Art Museum, the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the California Museum of Photography, and the March Field Air Museum all contribute to Riverside’s artistic claim-to-fame. Riverside is also home to California Baptist University, La Sierra University, Riverside Community College, and the University of California, Riverside, which all contribute to the city’s college-town feel.

The Riverside Business Environment

Consisting of a variety of industries, Riverside is home to businesses of all sizes. The Downtown neighborhood is the heart of the city and significantly contributes to Riverside’s business environment. However, businesses are also scattered throughout the city’s multiple neighborhoods. In order to connect businesses to one another, the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce encourages networking among them all. With nearly 1,300 members, including retailers, manufacturers and service companies like replacement windows and installation company Metropolitan High Performance Windows, the Chamber of Commerce holds meetings for its councils and committees every month. Additionally, the organization hosts networking events such as Good Morning Riverside, the Business Seminar Series, and Mega Mixers. Overall, the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce helps businesses promote themselves and form alliances with one another, which strengthens the city’s business environment as a whole.

Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce


About 25 different neighborhoods cover the city of Riverside. Each neighborhood is unique and offers its own special charm to Riverside. Towards the center of Riverside lies Victoria, a historical neighborhood that consists of both houses and commercial buildings. The neighborhood has a mixture of urban and suburban ambiances and is home to the Victoria Country Club. Another historical neighborhood in Riverside is Arlington Heights. As the largest section in Riverside, Arlington Heights is a rural area with several residential developments. The neighborhood is known for its gorgeous natural aspects, like its creeks and palm tree lined Victoria Avenue. Arlington Heights is also home to Mockingbird Canyon Lake, the California State Citrus Historic Park, and the Arlington Heights Sports Park. Towards the left border of Riverside lies the neighborhood of La Sierra. La Sierra has a rural feel and is home to stores, residential developments, and luxury apartments in the Riverwalk area. Towards the center of the neighborhood is La Sierra University, which gives La Sierra a college-town ambiance and adds to Riverside’s university vibe. La Sierra is a family-oriented Riverside neighborhood, having a highly ranked public school system and several community parks. All in all, Riverside’s neighborhoods are all one-of-a-kind and individually contribute to Riverside’s uniqueness.

Riverside Count is Thriving

Overall, the city of Riverside will keep thriving through its rich history and culture, prospering business environment, and wide variety of neighborhoods. Home to many universities and business ventures spread across its sections, Riverside will continue attracting visitors and residents from all over.

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