Why Replacement Windows are a Good Investment

Over time, just like roofs, guttering, and major appliances, your homes windows will begin to show signs of age and inefficiency.  How do you know when it is time to consider replacement windows?  Have you noticed moisture or condensation build up in between the window panes?  Do you often notice a draft that seems to be coming from your windows?  Are your windows difficult to open or close?  These are just a few of the signs that homeowners should watch for that indicate it may be time to consider window replacement.  While the thought of replacing the windows in your home might seem a little intimidating at first glance, there are a number of reasons why replacement windows are a good investment:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Homeowners can save up to 25% each year in heating and cooling costs simply by replacing their old windows with more energy efficient replacement windows. Newer, more modern replacement windows offer better insulation, a more customized fit and heat reflecting coatings to help eliminate outside air transfer.
  • Noise Reduction: If you live in a noisy area such as a busy street or near an airport and you have older windows, you might notice a higher level of noise inside your home. Modern replacement windows are designed to drastically reduce the transmission of sound from outside and the vinyl construction helps reduce vibration so you can enjoy peace and quiet while indoors.
  • Protection from UV Rays: Upholstered furniture, carpeting, window curtains and other fabrics can fade over time when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. While this has been a common problem for people with older windows, modern replacement windows are equipped with special coatings that block out these harmful rays, protecting important belongings from damage.
  • Appearance: One major reason why replacement windows are a good investment is curb appeal. New replacement windows will improve the appearance of your home, both inside and out, increasing its value.
  • Maintenance: Many older windows needed to be cleaned from the outside, often making the chore difficult for homeowners to complete. Today’s double hung replacement windows, however, can be tilted inward for cleaning. Additionally, you won’t need to go through the expense or the hassle of painting the trim around your replacement windows since they will be equipped with trim that never requires painting.
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