Anlin Windows in master bedroom of home.
Anlin Windows' double-hung and picture windows in the master bedroom of a home.

What Are the Best Window Brands?

Choosing the best window brand for your home can seem daunting. With so many options available, it’s important to consider various factors to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Based on our research and over 25 years of experience with over a dozen of the best window manufacturers, the following are the best window brands for your home:

  • Best for Vinyl Windows: Anlin Windows
  • Best for Specialty Windows: Andersen Windows
  • Best for Variety: Milgard Windows
  • Best for Wood Windows: Marvin Windows
  • Best for Nationwide Availability: Pella
  • Best for Budget: Premium Windows

Top Window Brands for Replacement and New Installations

Several home window brands have earned recognition for their quality, performance, and innovation. Here’s a look at some of the best window manufacturers:

Andersen Windows and Doors

A household name known for quality and durability, Andersen offers a wide range of window styles and materials, including beautiful wood-clad windows and innovative Fibrex® windows.

Anlin Windows and Doors

California’s leading vinyl window manufacturer, Anlin is known for delivering superior quality, reliability, energy efficiency, and affordability. They offer a variety of window styles, including ENERGY STAR® certified window options.

Marvin Windows and Doors

A top choice for luxury and customization, Marvin windows are a great choice for homeowners seeking a unique touch. Marvin’s wood windows are ideal for historic homes where a wood exterior is needed to match the original architectural details.

Milgard Windows and Doors

A strong contender in the West Coast market, Milgard stands out for their focus on regional needs. They offer a variety of window styles designed to perform well in specific climates.


Pella is known for balancing variety, aesthetics, and performance. Pella windows are available nationwide at home improvement retailers such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Premium Windows and Doors

Based in Southern California, Premium is a local window brand known for its fast turnaround and balance of high-quality products at reasonable pricing.

Side-By-Side: The 3 Top Window Brands

Andersen Windows Anlin Windows Milgard Windows
Material Focus Wood-Clad, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Fibrex® Composite Vinyl Vinyl, Fiberglass, Aluminum
Known For Quality, durability, wide range of styles and materials Excellent structural strength, energy efficiency, affordability, windows are made in California Wide variety of materials and a strong presence in Western US
Warranty 20-year glass warranty, 10-year non-glass warranty Double Lifetime Warranty (transferable) Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime for mainframe, 20-year glass

*varies based on product line

Customer Reviews Generally positive, emphasizing quality and craftmanship Very positive; highlighting quality, durability, industry-leading warranty and customer service Mixed reviews, some praising performance and others mentioning concerns about entry-level options
Best Choice For Homeowners prioritizing long-term value and aesthetics, looking for classic wood options, or those unconcerned about a slightly higher upfront cost in exchange for long-term cost savings and ROI Homeowners seeking high-performance vinyl windows that will increase energy efficiency and curb appeal at a competitive price Homeowners looking for a wide variety of materials or those located in the Western US

Anlin vs Milgard

Anlin excels in vinyl windows, offering top-notch quality, an unmatched warranty, and affordability. Milgard provides a broader range of materials, including aluminum and fiberglass options. If you value a wider material selection, Milgard offers more options to explore. If vinyl windows fit your budget and priorities, there is no better choice than Anlin.

Milgard vs Andersen

Andersen shines with its selection of high-end windows and unique Fibrex® composite material. Milgard tends to be slightly more affordable, especially for vinyl options. Milgard’s lifetime warranty might appeal to some homeowners, while Andersen’s quality minimizes the need for repairs. Consider your home’s aesthetic and performance needs and research specific models within each brand to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Anlin Windows vs Andersen Windows

Anlin dominates the West Coast market for vinyl windows, while Andersen’s Fibrex® composite offers durability and beauty that’s hard to beat. Both window brands provide significant long-term savings and return on investment (ROI), increased energy efficiency, and boosted curb appeal. Anlin’s Double Lifetime Transferable Warranty is second to none, while Andersen’s leaves something to be desired. For those looking for vinyl windows that are reasonably priced, reliable, and backed by an industry-leading warranty, Anlin is the favorite of homeowners and contractors alike. For homeowners in the luxury window market, Andersen’s wide selection and high performance have made them a household name that is trusted nationwide.

The Verdict: Which Window Manufacturer Is the Best?

Among the most popular window brands, Anlin and Andersen consistently rank highest in customer satisfaction and performance. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Anlin Windows and Doors: Anlin offers vinyl replacement windows and new construction windows known for their exceptional structural strength, energy efficiency, and long-term value. Anlin window reviews are overwhelmingly positive. If you’re looking for a vinyl window manufacturer, there is no better choice than Anlin. Find an Authorized Anlin Dealer near you.
  • Andersen Windows and Doors: Andersen is a nationwide brand well-known for its quality and wide range of window options. For homeowners who want wood-clad or an alternative to vinyl, like Fibrex® – Andersen is the tried-and-true choice. Find a licensed Andersen window contractor near you.

What Makes a Replacement Window the Best?

Determining the best replacement window brand depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Material: Vinyl offers affordability, ease of maintenance, and longevity, while wood provides a classic look but requires more upkeep at a steeper cost. Fiberglass balances aesthetics and durability; its cost is a middle ground between wood and vinyl.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for windows with ENERGY STAR® ratings, double or triple-pane glass, and Low-E coatings to improve insulation and reduce energy bills.
  • Style: Consider your home’s architectural style, personal preferences, and impact on resale value.
  • Budget: Window prices vary depending on material, size, and features. Determine your budget before shopping.

The Bottom Line

There’s no single best home window brand. The best choice depends on your needs and priorities. Consider the factors mentioned above, research different brands, and consult with a window replacement company near you that offers a wide selection of popular window brands.

Doing so will allow you to get personalized recommendations that are not biased or limited to the few window manufacturers they offer.

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