Replacement Windows vs Replacing Window Frames

The decision to replace your window frames when installing replacement windows, or to leave the existing frames intact is based upon a variety of factors. While most replacement windows are designed in such a way that a new window frame is not required, some situations warrant the replacement of your window frames regardless of the type of replacement windows you select. Before deciding whether or not to replace your existing window frames, a number of things should be considered.

  • Consider the type of windows you are replacing: If you have casement or slider style windows, in most cases you will need to replace your window frame when installing replacement windows.
  • Are your existing window frames rotten? While you can have a rotten sill or muntins repaired in many situations without much ado, rotten window frames are often a bit more complicated depending upon the frame. If the rotting area is insignificant or contained to one area of the frame, in some cases the frame can be repaired. If significant rotting is visible, the entire frame must be replaced when installing replacement windows.
  • Are your current window frames out of square? Window frames that are out of square typically need to be replaced when installing replacement windows.
  • Do you desire a different style or size of window? Many individuals choose to replace their windows with a window of a different shape or style, and in most cases, this will require widow frame replacement.

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