Ontario, California Citizens Can Save Money This Summer With Replacement Windows

Everyone has heard of Ontario, but not everyone has heard of Ontario, California, located in southern California.   Though it is a small city population wise, 172,000 people call the city of Ontario, California home during the night, but many more work there including at Greenworld Windows, one of our manufacturers.  Many people drive through Ontario and past all of its homes with beautiful windows on their way home to Upland, La Verne, or further points San Bernardino.   Even more people, over 4 million, traveled out of the Ontario Regional Airport last year.  www.lawa.org/welcomeont.aspx .

Ontario covers an area of around 50 square miles.  There are 4 zip codes in Ontario where home owners might have old windows they are looking to replace with new vinyl replacement windows, including 91758 , 91761 , 91762 and 91764 .   If you are thinking about replacing your windows with new energy efficient vinyl, dual pane windows and you live in Ontario, CA, then you can check with the city here to review current rules and regulations www.ci.ontario.ca.us

Southern California is closer to the equator, so it does get hot in the summer for Ontario residents. From June to September the heat goes up, and in order to keep things cool, the residents of Ontario depend on their air conditioning units. There are other ways to keep things cool. The heat makes air conditioners work much harder, and as a result power bills go sky high.

Residents of Ontario sit in their homes or businesses and look out the window as the heat continues.They never even realize that 70% of the heat that is currently in their homes is coming through the same exact windows that they spend so much time looking out of.

Southern California Edison, the company that handles all of the electricity for the city of Ontario is trying to help residents reduce energy consumption during the peak months of Summer.

Residents of Ontario that are tired of paying outrageous power bills in the Summer can make some really affordable changes to their homes that will help them keep power consumption to a minimum.

Replacement Windows
– One of these just so happens to be replacement windows, and at Metropolitan High Performance Windows we have the most cost effective replacement window solutions on the market. You can still let that wonderful sunlight in, but keep that nasty heat out.

Vinyl Windows – Our vinyl windows are both pleasing to the eye, and the pocketbook. They can really make a home or business look much nicer while at the same time helping to reduce energy consumption. Replacement windows can quickly pay for themselves in energy savings.

Window Installation – Who are you going to have install your new energy efficient windows? This is not a job for the do-it-yourself person. You may be able to install the windows, but it takes a trained professional to install the windows quickly, and ensure that there are absolutely zero energy leaks. Why spend good money on a replacement window just to have it improperly installed?

Metropolitan High Performance Windows knows how important saving money is. That is why we offer a free estimate. Call us today at 1-800-995-8878 and find out how much money you could be saving with new replacement windows.