Burbank Residents Are Keeping Their Energy Costs Down With Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

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Burbank has been labeled The Media Capital of The World because it is home to some of Hollywood’s largest studios. Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, NBC Universal, and Walt Disney all call the great city of Burbank home.

Burbank, CA is located thirteen miles north of Los Angeles. It sits on 17 square miles of land, and it is home to over 203,000 people. Burbank now occupies what was once a couple of Spanish land grants. In 1867 Dr. David Burbank bought 9200 acres of this land and built huge ranch house where he raised sheep and other livestock. He also started growing wheat, and within ten short years became the largest source of wheat in Los Angeles county. The lack of a good water supply and two terrible droughts quickly put an end to the wheat crops that were being grown. The city gets its name from the famous Dr. David Burbank.

Burbank Residents Are Keeping Their Energy Costs Down With Burbank CA Window Replacement

Burbank residents enjoy a mild climate, but it can get warm in the Summer months of June, July and August. The average high temperature is in the upper 80s, but there have been several times when the temperature has broken the 100 degree mark. Winters are the exact opposite of the Summer. The average low temperature in the Winter is right around 42 degrees, but there have been record lows that have dropped into the negative digits.

Burbank has always had a great history for being environmentally friendly. The city is always looking into new ways to create a greener lifestyle for its residents. The city of Burbank is also always investing in green concepts that can help reduce waste and save water and energy.

The Burbank Replacement Window Company

Businesses and residents that are looking for affordable ways to keep their homes cool in the warmer Summer months, and warm in the cooler Winter months often overlook one of the easiest ways to lower their electrical costs. Metropolitan High Performance Windows has the answer that they have been looking for.

  • Replacement Windows Burbank – Our replacement windows are revolutionary. When Summer comes along, our windows will keep the heat outside. This makes it easier on your air conditioner. When the cooler Winter months roll in, our replacement windows act as a barrier and keep the warm air from your heater inside where you want it most.
  • Burbank Vinyl Windows  – To simplify things, vinyl windows offer you more choices. With vinyl windows you will have more colors and designs to choose from. Our Vinyl windows have clean clear lines that accent the beauty of your home. They are also extremely energy efficient.
  • Window Installation Services Burbank – At Metropolitan High Performance Windows, we also offer expert window installation by our highly qualified window installation experts. Our window installers will take precise measurements ensuring that your replacement windows will fit perfectly the first time.
  • Window Repair Services in Burbank: If you need any minor home window repair, our window specialist can also help you.

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