Hero Program

If you’ve been looking into financing options for your window replacement project, you might know about the HERO Financing Program by now.  It lets homeowners finance energy improvement projects such as window replacement, a/c, or solar power against their property taxes.  Here are some highlights of the HERO Program:

1.  Financing against property taxes is way to make your vinyl window replacement project tax deductible.

2.  Financing over 10 or 20 years means really low payments that will be less that what you would save in energy costs, meaning that windows pay for themselves from day 1, in addition to already improving the value of your home.

3. When you sell your house, the buyer continues to pay the higher property taxes, not you anymore.

Because this is a financing program interest costs are built in.  So as long as you are okay knowing that you are paying interest, the benefits of the HERO Program definitely are worth looking into.

Metropolitan is an approved HERO financing program installer!  Call today for more information or to schedule your free estimate.

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