Quality Windows – Does Highest Price Mean Best Quality?

A lot of homeowners confuse higher pricing with higher quality windows, which is usually not the case.  It’s true that the lowest price is necessarily the best, but before you decide which window installation company to hire, consider the source…

If your estimate is coming from a licensed window specialist with a well known and well respected window brand that makes several hundred quality windows a day for numerous window companies, then the lower price might not signal bad quality but rather more honest pricing, quality warranties, and quantity discounts a bigger window company like Metropolitan gets.

Also, consider what advertising you found a company from.  That $1000 commercial on TV or radio that one company runs means that you will have to pay for that $1000 in your higher pricing.  Metropolitan is a well run company that works on volume, referrals, and repeat customers so we can provide low prices and high quality windows.

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