Month: July 2012

Why should you replace your patio door now?

Yesterday I was at a house of a referral contractor of mine talking to a nice elderly couple that was considering replacing their patio door.   Most people don’t understand that if you find an honest vinyl window replacement specialist like Metropolitan it is actually quite affordable to replace even one patio door.  When we remove […]
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Broken Glass vs Whole Window Replacement

Is it more cost-effective to replace broken glass or replace the whole window? Knowing when to replace a window with broken glass versus just calling a glass shop to replace the glass is a challenge.  Many people call us every day due to broken glass in one or more windows.  I always start by asking […]
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Vinyl French Doors vs Fiberglass French Doors

CALL or CLICK today for a FREE estimate! I am talking to people everyday about French Doors and how we can help them.  The big decision is to decide if you want a vinyl French door from a company like Anlin Windows that specializes in vinyl windows and doors or to get one from a […]
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