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Why you should replace your patio door now

Yesterday I was at a house of a referal contractor of mine talking to a nice elderly couple considering changing a patio door.   Most people don’t understand that if you find an honest vinyl window replacement specialist like Metropolitan that it is quite affordable to replace even one patio door.  When we remove your patio door, you get an entire new door that includes panels, door frame, new patio door track, and new patio door screen with prices ranging from $1000 to $2000 total depending on size and options.

Replacing Patio Doors in Costa Mesa, CAMore importantly, like this couple, you get a more secure door with a proper locking system to deter burglers. Smart burglers know that an old door can be pryed open, but that a good quality dual pane vinyl patio door with double throw lock and optional kick lock is not worth breaking into when a neighboors house might have an easier older door.   In addition, when dealing with a new door, you no longer have to have super man muscles to slide it and stand five feet away to not feel the crazy heat.  Our doors are guaranteed to slide forever if you take care of them and the LOE3 coating will reflect 77% plus of the direct UV and heat.  Give us a call at 800-995-8878 if you have further questions.

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