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When replacing a window, what are the pros/con of a retrofit vs new construction?

When it’s time to consider replacing your home’s windows you may be evaluating the pros and cons of purchasing retrofit (replacement) windows instead of new construction windows.While new construction windows may initially sound like a good choice, there are numerous reasons why retrofit windows are the better option.

  • Cost: In most cases you will save a substantial amount of your hard earned cash when you choose retrofit windows instead of new construction windows. Since new construction windows are equipped with a new frame, they require that your old window frame be removed making not only the window itself more expensive, but the installation as well.
  • Damage to Your Home: Since replacement windows are installed with your existing window frame intact there is very little to no damage to your home’s interior or exterior. New construction windows require that your home’s studs be exposed, often causing unsightly damage to the surrounding interior and exterior wall.
  • Ease of Installation: Replacement windows are much easier to install than new construction windows meaning there is less that can go wrong during replacement. Installation of retrofit windows takes much less time as well, which can save you an abundance of labor costs.

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