Energy Efficient Replacement & Insulated Window Installation Service in Riverside, CA

The city of Riverside, California gets its name from its close proximity to the Santa Ana River. The city is roughly 81 square miles and just over 300,000 people call it home. Riverside is the first place in California to produce citrus crops. Once the citrus crops took off, other parts of California took notice, and started growing citrus too.

It is not unusual for the temperatures during the Summer to reach as high as 100 degrees. The lower level of humidity keeps the heat dry, but it still creates a burden on the cities resources. The modern convenience of central air conditioning keeps the temperatures low, and at the same time it keeps the power bills high.

The city of Riverside has created an entire website dedicated towards creating a greener healthier environment. This includes keeping the power bills lower. The city also offers rebate programs for making houses more energy efficient.

One of the most affordable ways to make a house more energy efficient is by replacing older outdated windows with newer more energy efficient replacement windows Riverside CA. Metropolitan High Performance Windows can help.

  •  Replacement Windows Riverside CA – Windows are responsible for over 70% of the heat that comes into your home or place of business. When the sun gets hot, your older windows can’t keep the heat out. Our alternative windows and insulated windows can. You can still enjoy plenty of natural lighting without the extra heat.
  • Riverside Vinyl Windows – Our high quality vinyl windows offer exceptional views both inside and out. Not only will you be able to clearly see the world around you, but your new substitute windows will also look great.
  • Riverside Window Installation – Sloppy window installation can completely make the entire point of substitute windows worthless. If your windows are not properly installed you could experience inflated electrical costs. Our professional team of window installation experts will install your windows right the first time.
  • Riverside Window Repair Services: If you need any minor home window repair, our window specialist can also help you.

If you are tired of paying high power bills, make the most affordable home improvement decision of your life. Call Metropolitan High Performance Windows today at, 1-800-995-8878. Keep your power bills low, and shed some light on your home with our vinyl windows.

Serving Major Riverside Cities: Hemet, Temecula, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Corona, Murrieta

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