Installation Process

Here is some information about Metropolitan’s installation process:

1. When you decide to sign a contract with us, we will do a thorough walk through of the house and remeasure of each window, noting direction, color, and options to ensure everything is ordered correctly.

2. Your windows and doors are then ordered through our manufacturing facility. We also receive a confirmation from them and once again check to make sure your order is correct.

3. Right when we sign the contract, we pick your installation date that might be from 1 week to 4 weeks later depending on the product you need and your availability.  Your flexibility on days and dates is greatly appreciated.

4. Installs range from between 1 day to 1 week depending on the number of units and the type of work that is required.  We always work on a job from start to finish to ensure any disruption to your schedule is minimized.

Metropolitan prides itself not only on the quality of our product but on the personal professionalism of our installers. All Metropolitan Installers are:

• Polite, dedicated craftsmen concerned with doing a quality job and making your remodeling experience a pleasant one.

• AAMA (all have completed courses and passed tests qualifying them with the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association as certified window and door installers)

• Have a minimum of 10 years window installation experience.

• Work exclusively for Metropolitan and no one else.

• Are committed to providing you with the best installation possible.

5. After completion you will be provided with a customer satisfaction survey allowing you to rate your installers. We are convinced you will rate them very highly.

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