Green World Windows

Green World Windows truly lives up to their name by providing windows that are not only more energy efficient, but also manufactured with the highest regards to the environment. By offering vinyl replacement windows to both property owners of all types, Green World Windows is helping everyone keep energy costs down.

Green World Windows prides itself on three very important concepts.

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    • Top quality manufacturing – Each and every window goes through various tests and inspections before it leaves the manufacturing plant. Their state of the art manufacturing facility ensures a great product every single time.
    • Expertise – Green World Windows is known throughout the entire window industry as being experts in their field. Their products are available exclusively to Southern California.
    • Excellent customer service – Customer service is extremely important to any business, and Green world windows takes customer service very seriously. If you have a problem with one of their products, they are there to help you solve it. The same can’t be said for other window manufacturers in Southern California.
    • Lifetime Warranty – As long as you are living in your home, your Green World Window products are covered under warranty. This warranty also covers Single and Multifamily homes. They go one step further by not only offering to replace any defective windows, but by also covering the cost of labor to replace the windows. Green World Windows wants you to have full peace of mind with their window products.

At Metropolitan High Performance Windows we also want you to have full peace of mind with your new replacement windows, and that is just one of the many reasons that we have chosen to work with Green World Windows. Our highly trained team of window installers will take precise measurements to insure that each and every Green World Window is installed correctly. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy with your replacement windows, then neither are we. Contact us today at, 1-800-995-8878, and let us show you why Green World Windows are an excellent choice.

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