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Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Soffit gives you beautiful options for adding distinction to any of home.

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The first step to a beautiful home comes long before a siding contractor pulls into your driveway. It starts with product development teams and manufacting specialist at Alside, who select materials, refine designs and continuously improve production and quality control processes. All this with one goal in mind: unparalleded product quality…on the day of installation and for decades to come.

Quality you can count on.

Made to be the best. And made to last. That’s what you can count on when you choose Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Soffit. You have the confidence that comes when working with a company recognized and respected for its manufacturing and quality control excellence. Plus you have the assurance that comes with Alside’s lifetime limited warranty.

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Charter Oak Soffit…made with only the very best materials.

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Developing a tough, durable and beautiful vinyl soffit such as Charter Oak requires the technical skills of a chemical process engineer and the visual sensibilities of an architect. That’s because the premium vinyl used in Charter Oak is more than just a simple PVC resin. It’s a proprietary compound, with each ingredient chosen to add specific benefits to the final product.

  • PureStrength™ PVC resin gives Charter Oak its basic strength and weather resistance. It prevents moisture infiltration from rain and humidity, so panels won’t rot, warp, shrink or swell. The result is low-cost, easy-care maintenance.
  • Ti-Pure® titanium dioxide prevents ultraviolet degradation, so even hot summer sun won’t damage Charter Oak’s beautiful surface.
  • Stay Right™ PVC stabilizers also help prevent heat degradation, both during manufacturing and after installation.
  • TrueShield™ impact modifiers give Charter Oak exceptional impact resistance, helping to prevent denting and dinging from routine around-the-house activities.
  • DecoratorsChoice™ pigment concentrates are used to produce uniform colors that go clear through Charter Oak panels. You’ll never have to stain or paint again, because the color won’t wash away.

Charter Oak’s TriBeam™ System…designed for maximum performance.

Exclusive TriBeam™ System provides unsurpassed panel rigidity and superior wind resistance

Charter Oak’s lasting beauty isn’t a result of just blending premium raw materials. Product engineers have created a superior – and exclusive – design for Charter Oak that provides exceptional rigidity and extraordinary resistance to high winds.

Charter Oak soffit is the most rigid soffit on the market. Its superior rigidity is the result of Alside’s exclusive TriBeam™ system. The result is a panel that’s not only stiffer than competitive panels, but also lighter and easier to install.

This advanced panel design allows Charter Oak soffit to easily span long runs without sagging. Plus, cupping is virtually eliminated. The result is an installation of exceptional beauty.

In independent tests, Charter Oak proved to be as much as five times more rigid than leading competitive soffit panels.

  • Woodland Hills windows installationOrdinary soffit lacks stiffness, so it tends to cup when installed
  • West Covina vinyl windowsExtra rigid Charter Oak stays flat, providing outstanding appearance and quality, year after year.
Charter Oak Soffit. No other soffit gives you more.

Charter Oak premium soffit combines the beauty and performance of wood with the durability and easy-care convenience of vinyl. Plus it’s invisibly vented to help keep attics cool.

Quite simply, it’s the best soffit you can buy. Compare for yourself. No other soffit offers:

Premium beauty.

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The look of custom-milled soffit has gently rounded “board” edges and an elegant 3-1/3″ exposure width. Its finely textured, low-gloss finish looks and feels like painted wood and has deep, realistic shadow lines. Plus for a maximum design flexibility, it’s available in a multitude of popular colors.

Superior rigidity.

Charter Oak is the only vinyl soffit on the market featuring the TriBeam™ design. Its superior rigidity keeps Charter Oak panels flat and level like solid wood soffit. It’s beauty ordinary vinyl soffit can’t provide.

Outstanding dependability.

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Wood soffit looks good, but it can warp and rot after exposure to dampness normally found at eaves and porch ceilings. Charter Oak soffit is made with weather-resistant vinyl, so rain and humidity don’t cause problems.

Easy-care convenience.

Dampness also produces a tough cleanup problem – mold and mildew stains. But with Charter Oak, you just wash panels occasionally with a garden hose to restore their like-new beauty. No more sanding, staining or painting.

Beautiful ventilation.

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Aeration openings are hidden deep in the grooves of Charter Oak soffit panels. This means exceptional beauty …plus the continuous air flow needed to keep attics cool and dry.

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