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Cost of Broken Glass versus Price of Broken Window

Knowing when to replace a window versus just calling a glass shop to replace glass is a challenge for many people that call us.  I always start by asking if the window can roll, if the frame is still intack, if the window leaks air or water, or if energy savings matters at this point.  Surprisingly due to circumstances many people might have several of these problems, but only can afford to replace glass right now.   Glass replacement will cost from $50 for a single pane glass that you bring into a local glass shop to over $200 for a dual pane glass pack that requires someone to come measure first at your house.  An equivalent window will cost $250 to $500 atleast depending on size, color, and options.

A great point to take in this discussion is that the investment in even just one window will pay off if it breaks again if it includes a glass breakage warranty like all of Metropolitan’s windows due.  With the glass breakage warranty, our manufacturer pays the cost of the replacement glass and if it was installed after 2008 the manufacturer also pays for the labor to replace it, saving you $50 to $200, almost paying for half of the window cost.  This is in addition to the energy savings you get from LOE3 glass with argon gas, warm edge spacer, and of course, dual pane glass.  Feel free to call us at 800-995-8878 to discuss further.

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