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Los Angeles Restaurants

One of the common questions that being asked within friends, while on an outing is, “Which diner should be a good place to eat?” People who are restaurant obsessives often are curious to know; which chef has launched something new, what is trending and happening in terms of food, dining and restaurants.

Los Angeles County is a beautiful place offering numerous restaurants with different specialties and delicacies. There are mountains all around the county and the giant beautiful Pacific Ocean, which have benefited the restaurants. If one is willing to excite a loved one, or looking for a great place to chill out with friends and family, here are some of the popular Los Angeles restaurants in our list.

Best Places To Eat in LA

Kismet: This restaurant has been a result of the collaboration of Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer. They serve Mediterranean delicacies with an Israeli influence. This space previously was a pizzeria, so the owners have kept the long and narrow as it used to be but they have reworked the seating arrangement. There are bolted tables that are mostly for two-tops and there are extendable leaves that help to be connected with others, especially when there is a large group. At the end of the restaurant, there are some bar stools that face towards the partially open kitchen space, and along with that are washrooms and some preparation area.

Mama Shelter: It was founded by Benjamin Trigano and is a French – based restaurant chain that was initially launched in Paris. The ceiling of the lobby is designed in such a way that it looks like the Sistine Chapel as shown in hip Hollywood. It is a boutique hotel so there are comfortable and cozy rooms with huge beds, iMacs and beautiful hi – tech toilets and the toiletries. Each room has different kinds of books like Bible, scripts of films which had the sets of LA like L.A.Confidential and The Big Lebowski.

Yamashiro Hollywood: Located in Southern California, Yamashiro has a unique ambience which has a historic tranquility and the visitors get a serene feeling. It is situated on top of a hill and overlooks Hollywood and serves Japanese food. Some of their specialties are – pistachio salmon, truffle Hamachi, American wagyu etc. It is also said that Yamashiro would be hosting after parties for TCL Chinese Theatres premieres.

Maude: This is one of the best Los Angeles restaurants amongst so many eateries, although it is a pretty new restaurant in the county. The designs are very creative and thrillingly brilliant and their service is impeccably wonderful. Their price is quite high but the charm the restaurant has, along with the wine list kind of makes up for the same.

Shibumi: This is a Japanese restaurant where the Chef, David Schlosser, some time back, had a realization that Americans understood sushi as the only form of Japanese delicacy. So he wanted to give the customers a feel of the whole other world of dishes in Japanese cuisine. It is situated on Hill Street and the Chef likes to keep it really simple yet brilliant. He allows his customers to taste the ingredients so that they can discover the elementary truth about food.

Gwen: This is also a comparatively new Los Angeles restaurant that has been formed due to the combined efforts of Luke Stone and his brother Curtis Stone. This eatery is known for importing meat, being a butcher shop, being a cocktail bar, etc. Gwen is a pretty large restaurant and the dining room is breathtakingly beautiful. For this restaurant, the brothers have focused on primitive elegance. The dishes are served in small plates so that once many of them are served on a table, it looks like puzzle pieces.

Kali: This is a new restaurant located on Melrose and has been formed due to collaboration of Drew Langley and Kevin Meehan who have dreamt of restaurant that is high end without any kind of pretension. The restaurant takes pride in the fact that some of the ingredients are only sourced from California and they ensure that all their dishes have a contemporary twist. They keep changing there dishes and menu from time to time.

Some of the other popular additions in the list of restaurants to visit in LA are: Verlaine, Umeda, Mixed Company, So Long, Lasa, Hi, Felix and Mh Zh.