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Atrium and Greenworld vinyl patio doors open up a world of possibilities for creating a fashionable, functional gateway to the outdoor world. Classic styling. Superior construction. Nearly maintenance free forever. Atrium and Greenworld patio doors feature all the benefits of premium, high-performance vinyl that’s quality crafted for superior durability and energy efficiency. And they’re backed by an unbeatable warranty that assures their practical beauty will last for years.

The Vinyl Advantage

Vinyl is the ideal material for engineering high-performance, energy-efficient doors that are both beautiful and pratical. Vinyl is virtually maintenance free. It never needs painting or refinishing. No scraping peeling paint or replacing rotting wood. Vinyl is perfect for constructing tight seals that prevent leaky drafts. Save on heating and cooling costs with energy-smart Atrium products.

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Rugged Design

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The VISTA Patio Door gains its strength and characteristics from the quality of its rugged components. Thick vinyl walls in the profile of both the frame and door panels provide superior structural support playing a vital role in the integrity of the welded corners.

Fusion welding bonds each part together into a single unitized frame. These air and water tight components resist the effects of driving wind and rain.

Supported with internal metal reinforcement, the VISTA Vinyl Patio Door optimizes thermal and structural performance. Rugged materials and intelligent design combine to create a world-class product that works tomorrow as well as it does today.

Weather Resistant Materials

Impervious to the degrading effects of pollution, salt air, and heavy weather, each virgin vinyl part of the VISTA Patio Door will retain its “just new” luster for years. The brilliant white color is part of every extrusion and not “painted on” after production. You benefit from a virtually maintenance free door that conceals typical surface wear. Best of all, the only maintenance required is a simple cleaning with mild detergent.

Harsh environmental elements can also hinder door performance. That’s why the moving parts of the VISTA Patio Doors are built with corrosion restistant metal alloys. These weather tough components provide dependable operation and optimal security for years to come.

Engineered Durability

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Many of the engineered features of the VISTA Patio Door are designed to withstand the worst weather and heaviest traffic. The sliding screen frame is extruded into rigid shapes, overcoming the weaknesses found on typical roll formed frames. Internal corner gussets ensure tight fitting screen corners while a rigid and replaceable vinyl screen track provides smooth operation.

A vinyl snap in extrusion covers the track and jamb preventing dirt build up and excessive wear while providing an easy to clean surface. The sill incorporates a durable stainless steel track. This corrosive resistant track aids in the smooth operation of the sliding panels. When closed the panels engage at the integral interlock providing a positive seal backed up by metal reinforcement in both panels. Working together this sophisticated system provides durability, ease of operation and years of trouble free service desired in a door of this quality.

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